Fasting can cause reconstruction of the pancreas in patients with diabetes

US researchers say a diet with a day can stimulate the regeneration of pancreas in patients with diabetes. The researchers tested the diet on mice and found that insulin-secreting pancreatic member of sumatriptan begin to repair and rebuild itself and diabetes symptoms have subsided. Scientists say the study, published in the journal Cell could open a new way to treat diabetes drugs without consulting a doctor but recommend that people try not to such a regime. For this study, scientists gave the mice under fasting a similar diet and found that pancreatic beta cells begin to regenerate itself. This is the same regime that person five days in the human diet low-calorie diet, low protein and low in carbohydrates but high in fat is unsaturated. In fact, this type of diet is like eating vegan soup to nuts, and between 800 to 1100 calories daily nutrition they receive. After this five-day, 25-day person can eat whatever he wanted, in fact, a sort of hunger and famine period for the body to be simulated. Previous research has shown that such a diet slows the aging process.

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